Minds magazine is an initiative borne out of a burgeoning desire to elevate the Nigerian youth beyond the current levels of under-achievement. The recent verdict on the Nigerian youth is damning in all facets of assessment, from poor educational performances to accusations of a complete breakdown in the value system.

Societal ills are taking control of our youth to day and exposure to western cultures means that we are dealing with influences from home and abroad. With the click of a mouse, we are transported to foreign lands and foreign problems. There needs to be a calming force in the midst of the ever changing technological maelstrom.

The future is here! What will it be like if we could not dream? What would our lives look like if we could not imagine? What would really happen to the future without our present dreams and imaginations? Without our minds?

The future is not in our tomorrow, but in our today, living and breathing within active minds, longing and waiting for when they can be born.


To Positively develop the Youth Intellectually. We aim to renew minds, and transform Nigeria!